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Your Partner for Legacy

Tool Support. Reuse. Refurb. Renew. Recycle.

Tool Refurbishment

Complete Refurbishment

Our primary goal has always been sustainability.

While some tools may become outdated, out-of-date or might not fulfil one fab’s needs, it is still capable of producing for another fab. We are supporting this by offering complete refurbishment of tools, including reconfiguration. We are constantly buying used equipment to fill our refurbishment loop and rework them as per customer specifications. Our offerings include installation, training, warranty as well as continued service.

Discover all the technologies we are supporting


ASM Epsilon


Hitachi CD SEM/SEM, FEI SEM, AMAT Semvision, KLA FX100/200 F5X


ASM A400/412


AXUS Capstone


SEZ Spin etcher, Semitool Storm, Spectrum, SST


Semitool Raider

SÜSS ACS200, Falcon, Gamma

Tool Trading

Even though we are not a tool broker, we know how much you appreciate making the most of our extended network, allowing us to find the tools you need.

Our relationship of trust with key industry players built over the years enables us to find tools faster. Furthermore, since our main business is selling and refurbished tools, we are often purchasing tool packages to secure the tools we need to fill our refurbishment pipeline. Unlike many others in the secondary market, we have real tool inventory.

We can remarket your assets, source needed assets, purchase whole tool packages and manage de-installation and logistics.

When it comes to tool trading, our main objective is to simplify the sale, making it as quick and smooth as possible.


Thanks to our knowledge of production tools, we’ve been able to identify the parts that need improvement the most.

Upgrades developed in collaboration with key industry players have proven to be easy to install and reliable. Choosing upgrade solutions developed by PTW is therefore an opportunity to improve processes within a contained investment!

Customer Service

Our well experienced and trained engineers support you in any way or form of corrective maintenance.

Our technologies we maintain

Their expertise enables them to identify, isolate and rectify complex failures so that your tool is back to its operating condition in no time!
Our support reaches from telephone, online or video support to onsite intervention. We are offering various flexible schemes such as onsite contracts, bank hours or on-call contracts to support your needs.

PTW Group is offering tailored preventive maintenance packages for all tools in our portfolio.

Our technologies we maintain

Thus, you will minimize tool down time and wafer loss caused by unscheduled downtimes.

Our trained engineers are working with you to optimize schedules and preventive maintenance operations based on your tool usage and needs.