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Your Partner for Legacy

Tool Support. Reuse. Refurb. Renew. Recycle.

Our Vision

“To be the supplier of choice for supporting Legacy Equipment in the Semiconductor Industry”

For more than 15 Years PTW Group has been your Partner for Legacy Tool Support. We have been supporting you on your way to more sustainability through REUSE, REFURB, RENEW, RECYCLE.

Allow us to support you!

We are ready to partner with you addressing your challenges ahead. Our support encompasses:

  • Onsite Services
  • Part Level Repairs and Exchanges
  • System Upgrades
  • Entire System Reconfigurations and Refurbishments
  • Specialized Engineering Projects

Our company

PTW’s history goes back to a workshop in Austria founded in 2007 who supported local semiconductor manufacturing plants with parts and upgrades.

On 21 April 2015, PTW Asia LTD was established in Singapore to expand its support to all semiconductor and photonic factories worldwide. We established in the meantime branch offices and refurbishment centres in America, Europe, the UK, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Japan and China.

PTW GROUP was founded following the latest acquisitions. It now includes Jesse Technologies (Hitachi CD-SEM support) and CinTai Formosa (ASM furnace & EPI support).

In the coming years, we will strive to continue our growth path by adding support for other niche semiconductor technologies!

Torsten Seifried

Managing Director

Emerald Greig

Sr. Vice President Business Development

Benjamin Lu

Exec. Director/General Manager Taiwan

Hans Peters

General Manager Europe

Stuart Sack

Stuart Sack

General Manager America

Michael Jang

General Manager Korea

Takayuki Suemasa

General Manager Japan